Cleaning out my closet...

Have to clean out my closet before hubby starts burning things...

Items sizes range from XL (16) to 3X (24) with shoes ranging from sizes 9 1/2 to 11
No pets or smokers in my home
US & Canada shipping
Paypal Only
Have never sold on here before... but can have everything shipped within 3 days.

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Brand: Sizes to fit
Size: 3X
Reason for selling: Have it in fuschia & black... keepting the black

Size 3X Fuschia Maxi Dress      

Brand: Asos Curve
Size: UK22/US18 (fits like a 16 on me)
Reason: Can't fit/Never worn


Worn twice (maybe 3 times) - no box
Brand: Marc Fisher
Size: 9 1/2
Reason: Finally excepted that I don't wear a size 9 1/2


Worn once to take ootd pic - in box
Brand: Franco Sarto
Size: 11
Reason: Prefer my heels higher


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Just a quick update...

As I do not believe anyone is interested in my boring life. I will give a quick update as I haven’t posted in months.

I lost my job as I am sure most of you remember. I was on unemployment for a bit and now I am working again. I enjoy my new boss (my second one on this job site). I work for a government contractor and I am learning new things daily.

My son is on a quest to get attention so he took a knife to school (mainly because it was my favorite & he was angry at me). Unfortunately he was caught and has been suspended for the remainder of the school year and is now working on how much food he can eat before I get home from work daily. Needless to say, I am not pleased. But I’m trying to work on my patience and everyday with him is a new test.

Husband & I are in a “no comment” phase. I think we may have to evaluate if this marriage is the best thing for me, my kids, or my husband.

Car needs to go into the shop.

I have not lost or gained any weight. But I am not happy as my clothes don’t fit as I would like.

Also, the neighbor situation has turned into… who can be the most inappropriate. They all want to “date” me. But they fail to realize that I know where all their willies have been (prostitutes, unclean women & the occasion man… that’s right), so the chances of me partaking in any of them is slim to HELL NO!!!  Even if I weren't married. I  will be writing a blog (hopefully) on the soap opera I have now dubbed: Cual Quiere Hoy? (Which Do You Want Today) to depict the dating and sometimes ridiculousness of my neighbors.

Stay posted….



Baby Baby OOOOH Baby!!!

Okay, I had to take a moment and say something that I hope won't spark too much anger in the people who read my blog, but I just read an article about the woman who gave birth to octuplets and now has a total of 14 kids.
What has this world come to? Not only are we trying to segregate the United States (no more Mexicans... btw... they are NOT all mexicans... another blog another day), but now we want to limit the number of children a woman is allowed to have? I mean I can totally understand that she is not in the financial standing in order to support 14 children but I have no doubt that she will love each and everyone of those children to the best of her ability. I don't know her but I myself have been to social services and seen the people who apply and don't have kids and are claiming their sisters kids or are just plain lying about everything. I would rather my tax dollars go to someone I know could use the help as opposed to KeeKee who just figured out a way to pay her Lexus car payment without getting a job. This is getting out of hand and as a Christian (not the OVER-religious kind) I think it is heartbreaking to see what people are saying about this woman. She wanted more children, what is so wrong with that. And I think some people need a reality check. If all parents only had the number of children they could afford, many of us would not be here today, myself included.

Just a thought...
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Fashion Police: Alert the media

Okay, I really came online today because I had something important to say which I decided to hold until my next blog. This is something I thought needed to be said. This is a public service announcement to all women who hold onto this thought that tucking your jeans into your boots is somehow cute or sexy. I can't tell you how much this trend annoys me. WHY WHY WHY?!!!!!!
I mean do you not understand the reason that the "bootcut" jean was invented was so that you poor creatures wouldn't have to resort to tucking. Now I will admit that I will allow the women in her rainboots get a pass (if and only if it is raining). And I will allow the same for a woman who does this with her snow boots when it is snowing. I will also allow the long shirt/sweater with leggings look (with the correct body shape of course), but to do it because you think it is cute is just plain WRONG!!!! Its not cute and it makes it look like you about 10 seconds from a horseback riding lesson. STOP THE MADNESS!!! So there is no confusion I have attached some pictures of boots worn correctly and boots worn incorrectly. Please make note, I will call you up on your nonsense if I spot you working this fashion don't. Just cause Posh Spice & Miley Cyrus do it does not make it right.

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Instead know that boots with skirts, guachos are cute if you want the boot to be seen. Understand that when I refer to boot I am NEVER EVER NEVER talking about UGGS. That is a fashion police alert in itself. It will have to be discussed separately so that it can get disected as it needs to be. Below are cases of how boots should be worn with jeans and other fashionable bottoms.

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Any questions? As always I am available for my fashion opinion. I enjoy making people look their best no matter the occasion. Happy shopping... kisses.

My vision is back

I HAVE A NEW TV!! Thanks for all the help everyone. But I purchased from the "man" Walmart sonce they sell everything. When the world ends I think only Walmart will survive.
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Reading is all I have left.

So as this is really my first real post for the year I guess I should update. I am still unemployed. That is making me slowly lose my mind. I want to work so badly and due to the economy (THANKS BUSH), no one is hiring. Or at least no one is hiring me. I am overqualified for many positions which hurts me with temp agencies. They look at me like I will cost them money. I won't stay long and will be looking for a permanent position behind their back (DUH!!!). Well, I know that if someone, anyone, would hire me I would work my butt off for their company, but I am not the SAHM type (SAHM=stay at home mom). All my working friends (except for Cyn) are too busy to bother with talking with me. They are all very very busy (shocking they weren't that busy when I was working but hey!!), I'm not bitter, just FUCKING BORED!!! I am the equivalent of a work-aholic, and not having work is making me mad. I have updated my recipe arsenal (seriously my husband is begging for old favorites like spaghetti and "just chicken"), I have cleaned my closet of all my "fat" clothes and given them to a very happy neighbor (who is actually wearing them so I know my clothes are doing some good). I have like 20 outfits to wear to work sorted out for the event I should actually get a job. My children look like models as I have transferred my need to "dress-up" onto them. I mean they actually pose when they pass a mirror (this might be a bad sign of things to come). So now all that is left is SOMEONE, ANYONE, HIRING ME!!!!!

So as the title indicates above, reading is all that is keeping me from checking myself into Shepard Pratt (or another more localized lunatic facility). So as I think 75 is realistic, I am shooting to complete 75 books in the year 2009. So far I am on book 8, Here they are listed below (stars of out of 5 possible stars).

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (*****)
2. Confessions of a Contractor by Richard Murphy (couldn't finish)
3. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella (*****)
3. Underneath it all by Margo Candela (****)
4. What do you do all day? by Amy Scheibe (****)
5. Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella (****)
6. Reconstructing Brigid by Lee Nichols (****)
7. The Girl Most Likely To by Poonam Sharma (currently reading)

So that is my life in a nutshell, in a pretty boring need to get out more nutshell.

Oh before I forget I have also been updating my account. Its where you can go and create outfits, I love it and it and it brings me joy to create fashion (how I love fashion). So I think that once my finances turn around I may make it a career. Look at the outfits I created and give your opinion, either here or on the actual site. Hope your year is starting much better than mine.
This is a link to my Polyvore account showing all my created outfits


[LJ2ME (] Make-ups

So this weekend my lovely neighbor Amilca and I made amends. It was mainly due to the fact I needed help & he was the only person willing to come to my aid. I was seriously overmedicated & needed to pick up my kids from daycare. And he saw the shape I was in & took my keys & my son to go get my girls from daycare. The next day he said he has changed his ways because he realized he was losing friends because he was a bad person. With just what I saw, he was atleast polite & respectful to me. And refused to get involved in an argument between Roberto & I, so that was proof enough for me. He also said he lost 15lbs. I think I see the beginnings of a neck showing. What a weekend!